Robert Lewandowski joins Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in the exclusive list with goal vs Union Berlin in the first match for Bayern Munich since Bundesliga ‘s return.

Robert Lewandowski is arguably the new era’s greatest number 9. With Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi hogging much of the limelight, however, other players like the Polish striker often go under the radar.

In the 2-0 victory over Union Berlin, the Bayern Munich striker has now entered an exclusive list that includes both the Portuguese and Argentine. He has now secured his reputation among the best to have played the game in the process; if he hadn’t already played.

Robert Lewandowski scored the first goal for Bayern Munich since resuming the Bundesliga in the 40th minute with a penalty. In the process he became the first player since Ronaldo and Messi in the 21st century to score 40 + goals in five consecutive seasons.

He has already 40 goals with a decent chunk of games yet to be played this season. The success is made all the better when you know he’s already past 30. Rather than slowing down, the Polish, for the first time in his career, scored more than one goal per game.

Perhaps the striker will go down as one of the finest ever to have kicked a football.

Robert Lewandowski has hit his 40th goal in all competitions this season, scoring the leading goal for Bayern in a 2-0 win over Union Berlin. The major Polish striker has scored 26 goals this season in the Bundesliga, 11 in the Champions League and three in the German Cup.

Last year the Pole scored 40 goals, 41 the previous season, in the 2016/17 season. Scored 43, and 42 goals before that.

Interestingly, Messi has done this in a row for 10 years and is on 24 goals this season. In eight consecutive seasons, Ronaldo scored 40 + goals and finished the series last season by scoring 28 goals for Juventus.

Lewandowski is the most productive foreigner in Bundesliga history, with a total of 228 goals in the German championship, and the third-highest scorer overall behind record holders Gerd Müller (365) and Klaus Fischer (268).


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