Wales boss Robert Page revealed that his team is prepared to walk off the pitch if they suffer any sort of racist abuse against the Czech Republic. Wales are set to play their World Cup qualifier in Prague, days after Glen Kamara was subjected to racist abuse during the Rangers’ Europa League game. Sparta fans were banned due to the racist abuse of Monaco’s Aurelius Tchouameni with 10,000 school children permitted to watch the game. The children accompanied by adults booed Glenn Kamara every time he touched the ball.

“There are protocols put in place and every single player in that dressing room will know they’re backed and supported by the right governing bodies,” Wales manager Robert Page said. “If action needs to be taken we absolutely will do that as a group. We won’t stand for it and there will be zero tolerance for any racial abuse. We will take the knee because that’s what we think is the right message to continue to show. How the crowd reacts, we can’t influence that. But what we will do is conduct ourselves in the right and proper manner. We know as a group what’s acceptable and what’s not.”

“Of course it (walking off) is an option. If it’s that bad and we think it’s completely unacceptable, the abuse the players are subjected to, then absolutely (we would do that),” he added. “We all stand together and if it needs to be done then we’re absolutely prepared to do it.”

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