Roger Federer has announced that his foundation will donate $1 m to provide meals in Africa for young children and their families while schools are closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Roger Federer Foundation To Contribute For Families In Africa

Note: This is not the first time Roger has helped during the coronavirus pandemic since he contributed one million Swiss francs to his country at the very beginning.

The 103-time tour-level titlist has taken to Twitter to spread the Roger Federer Foundation’s promise to feed 64,000 vulnerable people affected by the crisis.

The Roger Federer Foundation has made another nice change, pledging one million dollars to support African families in a tough situation because of the coronavirus, according to world media. The funds will be distributed to support more than 64,000 children and their families through institutions.

Roger Federer Foundation To Contribute For Families In Africa

The Foundation works to provide the extra meals for the next two months through its regular local partner organizations in Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Malawi.

“The traditionally received school meals are often the only healthy meal kids receive,” Roger Federer Foundation CEO Janine Haendel said. “With schools now closed, children no longer have access to those meals. Hunger is an issue, particularly in the lockdown countries where poor families have no reserves.”

Roger Federer Foundation To Contribute For Families In Africa

The Roger Federer Foundation was established in 2003 and is funding educational projects in southern Africa and Switzerland. The projects on the African continent concentrate on improving the standard of early learning and basic education, and the promotion of extra-curricular opportunities in Switzerland for children affected by poverty.

In the preceding period, besides Federer, many other tennis players helped. One of the first to decide to help is Novak Djokovic, who in late March gave Serbia a million euros. On top of that, the world’s first racket even donated money to a Bergamo hospital.

The tennis season was disrupted two months ago due to Covid19 and it seems for now that we will no longer be enjoying this sport in 2020.


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