At the Olympic Stadium, Roma beat Verona led by Croatian coach Ivan Jurić, with 2:1.

With goals from Veretout (10-11 m) and Džeko (45 + 4), the home team took the lead and reduced Pessina (47) to 2-1 at the start of the second half.

Fiorentina got away with the victory over Lecce. Chiesa (6) led the visitors to victory with a major goal in the top corner at the start of the game, and the winner was determined at the end of the first half when Ghezzal (38) rose to 3-0 from a free-kick and Cutrone (40) from the counter-attack and thus canceled Pulgar’s missed penalty kick.

At the very end, Shahov (88) just mitigated Lecce ‘s loss.

Udinese and Lazio played a draw (0-0), and for Lazio supporters, that was another letdown.


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