Ronaldinho who finished his career in January 2018 said that he never thought he would end up in jail. “Prison is not me”‘ said Ronaldinho.

Ronaldinho was arrested in Paraguay for a fake passport of that country along with his brother Assis and spent 32 days in detention. He moved to a luxury hotel in Asuncion, after having been given the freedom to protect himself. After spending 32 days in jail, Judge Gustavo Amarilla has decided that the pair will stay in an Asuncion hotel while awaiting trial on their charges.

In his first interview after his Paraguay arrest, he mentioned that he never thought he would go through a situation like this.

“It wasn’t easy for me when I was told I had to go to prison. It’s better now because I’m under house arrest and awaiting trial. I hope it’s all over shortly,” Ronaldinho told ABC Paraguay Television.

The 40-year-old former Brazilian international, speaking to Paraguayan television network ABC Color from the Palmaroga hotel in the Paraguayan capital, said: “We were surprised to learn that the papers were not legal. Our goal has always been to work with the justice system to make the truth straight.

“We explained everything from the moment to today and allowed everything that was asked of us.” Speaking of the moment he was told he was going to prison, Ronaldinho said: “It was a hard hit, I never thought I would go through such a scenario. I wanted to reach the highest degree of professionalism all my life and give people satisfaction with my sport.

Former Barca player said he had plenty of chances of playing sport in jail and was searched daily for autographs and photographs.

The interview was held face to face in the hotel, following the coronavirus lockout, with strict sanitation procedures, according to ABC Color.


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