Everton head coach Carlo Ancelotti spoke about forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Milan and forward Cristiano Ronaldo of Juventus.

“I thought it was farewell when Ibra went to America. Yet he scored in all the matches instead. Now that he is back in Italy, I thought it was over, but every Sunday he scores again. And you’re even wondering if I wanted to see him in Napoli,’ said Ancelotti to Tiki Taka.

As immortal as Cristiano Ronaldo, so is he. Continuing to play is easy, but they don’t just go out on the field, they score all the time. It is not so convenient.

“Because he is better than the others, I never told Cristiano to quit. That has never occurred. To grasp it, you don’t have to be a scientist.’

Ibrahimovic and Ronaldo both served under the guidance of Ancelotti.
In Series A this season, the Swede played 5 games, scoring 8 goals and providing one good assist.

In 4 championship games, Ronaldo scored 6 goals and got 1 assist.


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