Roy Hodgson believes that Ralf Rangnick needs to manage big egos if he wants to succeed as the interim manager of Manchester United. Hodgson also believes that the board needs to back Rangnick after reports suggested that players are starting to doubt whether he is the right man for the job. There have been different sources that suggest players are finding it tough adapting to the 4222.

“He’s a very serious football man who’s had fantastic results wherever he’s gone,” Roy Hodgson said about Ralf Rangnick. “I have sympathy and empathy with anybody who finds themselves in the firing line because I’ve been there myself. I think one of the problems with Ralf might have been that people have built up to him and his methods in a way that is going to be very difficult to live up to. Certainly in the conversations, I’ve had with him, it’s not been a question of ‘I know something in football that nobody else knows.”

“What he does know is what’s required to produce a good team and get a team playing together and get the right balance between attacking and defending,” he added. “Of course, he also knows, I’m sure, about players and about how difficult it is to deal with players. Coming into Manchester United, he’s definitely come into a club where there are a lot of big players, a lot of big egos, and trying to mold them together to get that balance that he really wants is never going to be easy job. It’s going to take time.”

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