Russia striker Nadya Karpova has spoken out against the war in Ukraine and is part of a small minority of Russians who have done so. She is one of only three footballers that have done so. Fedor Smolov posted a ‘No war!’ message on Instagram but has been silent since. Aleksandr Sobolev posted a message on the day the war began but he deleted it a few hours later. She is just 21 and has posted anti-war messages on her Instagram account ever since the war began in February. She has 143.000 followers on Instagram.

“I can’t just look at this inhumanity and stay silent. I don’t know what would happen if I was in Russia, not in Spain, but I feel a special responsibility to speak out,” Russia striker Nadya Karpova said. “Russian propaganda is trying to persuade Russians that we are a very special nation and the whole world is against us and our ‘unique mission’. What unique mission are you talking about? I don’t think that Russians are special. At the same time, I am not ashamed to be Russian, as Russia doesn’t mean the government and Vladimir Putin.”

“Putin took everything from us, he took our future. At the same time, he did it with our tacit consent. They [the government], didn’t witness strong resistance. Most people were just closing their eyes to injustice, thinking it’s not their business,” she added. “I took part in two opposition rallies, the last one in support of [the main Russian opposition figure Alexei] Navalny when he was poisoned and imprisoned, but still, I don’t think that I’ve done enough. These people who justify the war, they are hostages to propaganda. I feel sorry for them, and I believe we need to do everything to release them from it.”

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