Sam Allardyce revealed that Everton fans not happy with the Rafa Benitez appointment can be turned if he starts winning football matches. Benitez agreed on a number of key aspects of his contract earlier this week to become the new Everton manager. Benitez was the manager at fierce rivals, Liverpool, a few years ago. He will replace Carlo Ancelotti at Merseyside after he joined Real Madrid earlier this month. Benitez had spent six years at the helm and led them to the Champions League and fa cup glory.

“The fans are on your side when you start winning, that is what it is all about,” Sam Allardyce said on the Rafa Benitez appointment. “I’m sure there are a lot of Everton fans who are unhappy with the situation because of the rivalry with Liverpool. Rafa’s track record is very good.”

“You can talk about the style of football that you play, first it is winning, and then winning and playing well is the ultimate goal,” he added. “The style of football is talked about so much, it overshadows what is more important, winning matches and finishing up the league to match the expectation and money spent.”

Allardyce was the manager of Everton for six months and has tipped Benitez to be successful at the helm. Everton has seen six managerial changes in as many months and is looking for a long-term manager to take their project forward. Allardyce maintained that Benitez had a style similar to himself which is not very expansive.

“I have to say that if you call me a defensive-minded coach, Rafa is exactly the same as I am. He bases his performances on clean sheets and building from there and has done throughout his career,” Allardyce added.

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