Villarreal still has a view of a place in the first four and a Champions League participation, thanks to the sixth victory after the Spanish Football League resumed. It beat rival Getafe 3-1 in an outdoor match tonight.

Captain Santi Cazorla was exceptionally safe and had both penalties scored. Villarreal further distanced himself from Getafe, who stayed sixth. Spain’s number 5 reaches the Europa League group stage right on.

Referee Javier Estrada has pointed to the location twice. First after goalkeeper David Soria’s foul about replacing Moi Gomez, shortly after Portillo struck Gomez.

To persuade Estrada the VAR had to be used both times. Each time the man fired from 11 meters was Cazorla routine: in the 66th and 86th minutes.

In the meantime, the substitution of Hugo Duro had leveled in the 80th minute. Rubén Peña, who reaches Seville on three goals, made it 3-1 in injury time for Villarreal.


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