Maurizio Sarri described the ninth consecutive Juventus series as an “extraordinary feat.”

Goals from Cristiano Ronaldo who also missed a penalty and Federico Bernardeschi helped Juve secure the league crown on Sunday to a 2-0 victory over Sampdoria.

Sarri said Juve’s dominance was impressive, hailing his players for winning Series A after a more than three-month break due to the pandemic coronavirus.

“It was one of the worst [seasons] because of all that has happened,” the Juventus head coach told a news conference.

“If you consider we began our pre-season on July 6th and we won the championship on July 26th the year after, that’s pretty hard. No one can tell me that the 50 or 60 days we weren’t involved because of the lockout, reading about thousands of deaths, was a pleasant period. It’s been an incredibly challenging season, a tough one – there’s nothing to be taken for granted in sport, football, life, winning is always tough.”

“For two or three years, it’s incredibly hard to win. Nine years of winning is, I believe, an incredible feat as some of those players have.”

The former Chelsea and Napoli manager Sarri, 61, became the oldest coach to win Serie A as a result of Juve ‘s success. At his age the Italian laughed at winning the title, saying: “I used to dream of winning the Scudetto, like all kids. I didn’t win it as a grown-up but as an old man I did.”


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