Former midfielder Johnny Giles from Manchester United said that Bruno Fernandes is “neither similar to and will never be Paul Scholes.”

With three goals and helping four more in nine unbeaten games, Fernandes has had a big impact since transferring to Old Trafford in January, scoring in all competitions.

Giles believes that the Portuguese playmaker will prove to be an important player in the squad, but says that the United fans are “kidding themselves” if they believe he can do the same job as the squad hero Scholes. “It concerns me when I hear people talking about Fernandes being the next Scholes and the ideal midfield player.”

People at the club would be kidding themselves if they think he’ll do what Scholes did, “Giles is quoted by The Mirror as saying.” He’s not playing anywhere near how Scholes played, except in a positional context. Scholes was one of the best midfielders I saw who could link the team from back to front.


Giles believes that Fernandes could be an asset to the club, but not how Scholes was. Rather he thinks, Fernandes is more like Lampard because he always had a decent shot and good ability.

Rather Giles believes that Grealish will be more likely to be portrayed as Scholes for Manchester United than Fernandes.

He and Fernandes will be chalk and cheese in the way they play. “So, Grealish would come from a deep position and pick it up from the back four, and Fernandes will need that to pick it up. Fernandes won’t pick someone out from the back. He wants the ball to get to him, so he can do what he’s best at.”

Scholes played for United 718 times, helping the club win 25 trophies including 11 titles in the Premier League and two crowns in the Champions League.


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