Scotland Women head coach Pedro Martinez Losa has made qualification for the World Cup one of his primary targets this year. The former Arsenal boss took charge of the team this summer and has already secured three wins, two against Hungary and one against Sweden. They lost 8-0 against his native Spain meaning, they had no chance to top their group.

“What I see is playing in a play-off and qualifying for the World Cup,” Scotland boss Pedro Martinez Losa said. “That would be the dream. Obviously what we want to do is to try and win every match. Every goal and result is important, in terms of the coefficient for the future and the play-offs. We are aware of the things we need to improve and what we want to improve. That’s our objective and we are on that route.”

“We want to try and be the best second-placed team,” he added. “But the amount of games the players are having to play is increasing massively as are the rates of injury. We have to consider how we manage the players and that potential risk of injury.”

“I’d had good experiences with the Scottish players I’d coached before and I saw Scotland as a potential national team with talent that could be developed,” he continued. “I also saw the need for the country to make progress in the women’s game. I don’t think we’ve made big changes since coming in, it’s just trying to cover some weaknesses the team had in the past.”

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