On social media, Manchester United midfielder Scott McTominay has criticized racist slurs against teammates.

Social media users started insulting defender Axel Tuanzebe after the match against Everton (3-3).

“Criticism, no issue, is part of football. I’ve been criticized a million times and will certainly be criticized again,” McTominay said on the club’s official website.

“When you start believing what other people think, good or poor, the problem is. Especially at this club, you have to minimize all the impact of outside noise. As you can see from the case with the racial slurs, in football you have to be thick-skinned. It’s such a disgrace.

Honestly, the day after the game, it was difficult for me to see Axel. But now I think it’s utter chaos, and I feel disgusted that this has to be witnessed by one of my brothers, whom I’ve grown up with for a very long time.

I’d never say, I’m white and Axel is black. How are we different from each other? We went to the same school and spent several years playing football together, so it pisses me off. This is a touchy subject. What’s happening is horrible. That is a shame.”


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