Scottish Premiership club Livingston assistant manager Marvin Bartley revealed he will continue to fight for equality by reporting any abuse he receives to social media companies. He was targeted after giving his opinion about the booing of Rangers midfielder Glen Kamara by 10,000 schoolchildren as well as accompanying adults. This disgusting behaviour took place less than a year after Slavia Prague’s Ondrej Kudela was banned for 10 matches after being found guilty of racist abuse against Kamara.

“This is the norm for me, I know that I go into these battles to speak about racism and discriminative messages and I know what is going to come on the flip side of that.” Scottish Premiership assistant boss Marvin Bartley said. “I am fine, I am emotionally disengaged with social media in terms of the racist abuse that I receive because I have to be. If I let this run my life then there will be a lot of sleepless nights. It doesn’t discourage me or take the wind out of my sails in terms of what I am trying to do. I want equality for everybody and these small-minded people won’t stop me on my crusade of trying to achieve that.”

“I have reported these things in the past, I will do so again. Hopefully this time they look at it slightly differently and they take action on it,” he added. “Will I hold my breath in terms of this happening? No, I won’t. If they are now saying this, then hopefully that is the change that we need.”

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