Sergio Ramos hit at the “noise” surrounding Real Madrid ‘s offer for the title, saying “imagining things” is talking about referees helping La Liga leaders. Ramos, 34, scored a free-kick as Madrid defeated Mallorca 2-0 on Wednesday to hold his advantage over Barcelona’s rivals — 68-point equal with top head-to-head records.

Last week, Barca’s Gerard Pique indicated that the officials in the title chase favored Real Madrid before the team took advantage of the main decisions in a Real Sociedad victory on Sunday.

Ramos told Movistar: “The whole noise that is made is that we are champions now. If we weren’t, people haven’t spoken too often. Referees and VAR are here to help. I don’t think they’re making any arbitrary decisions. Noise needs to stop. It’s like we can thank the referees for being leaders.”

Real Madrid’s defender is enjoying his best-ever goal-scoring season since hitting the net eight times in this La Liga campaign.

He said: “Football is a team sport. But on a personal level statistics and personal problems inspire me and make me proud. It’s a reward for commitment, long years of hard work.”

Coach Zinedine Zidane also commended Ramos ‘s contribution.

He added: “I am pleased with its target. He’s our captain and our leader. He’s always showing us the way. He’s doing free-kicks and it’s rewarding for him to score one and for us … I always tell him he’s got to retire here.”

Sergio Ramos hit at the noise surrounding Real Madrid 's offer

Real Madrid has played four games in 11 days, having won them all since the return of La Liga. We have 7 more to play on a hectic schedule until the domestic seas end on July 19.

Ramos said: “You could see the tiredness of the squad today with games every three days. The recovery time is what it is. There will only be one ‘coronavirus season’ and we want to win it as a reward for all the work we have put in to keep playing over these months.”

Zidane added: “We just can’t practice too much. We just can’t do exactly what we want. We ‘re playing every three days. Today ‘s attitude has been amazing. We’ve got 7 finals left now. It’s true that after so many games, we ‘re feeling tired. But for every team, it’s the same, it’s a different case, too, with the heat.”


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