According to the statement of the Italy Football Federation (FIGC), in addition to the interval between the two-game times, each team can make the substitutions using a maximum of three-game interruptions as well as, in the event of extra time dispute.

A fourth break, in addition to those scheduled between the end of the regular period and the start of the first additional period and between the first and second extra time, only if fewer than five players have been substituted after the regular period.

Where both teams simultaneously make a substitution, this will be considered an interruption of the match used by both teams for substitution.

Last month, 16 of 20 Series A teams voted on June 13 to restart the game, with four teams voting for a start on June 20. But that vote was contingent on health and safety protocols for players and fans and ultimately, the later date was chosen because it took so long to agree to those protocols.

Just three pauses can still be submitted on alternates. If matches go into extra time and teams haven’t used all five of their replacements they can make a fourth interruption at the end of the regular time or between the two half extra time


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