According to Italian Football Federation [FIGC] president Gabriele Gravina, Serie A could lose more than € 700 million (£628m/$769 m) in revenue if plans to revive the league do not come to fruition.

Since March, the Italian top flight has been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic and Gravina said the division has lost more than €500 m (£449m/$550 m) already.

When the FIGC was planning to meet with the country’s sports minister to negotiate a timetable to restart matches as of June 13, Gravina warned about the financial implications of an extended suspension.


“The mission of the federation is to get football moving again and prevent irreparably losing Italian enthusiasm for sport from the economic crisis,” Gravina told Italian magazine Riparte l’Italia.

“The federation ‘s job is to get football going again and avoid the economic crisis irreparably destroying Italian enthusiasm for the sport,” Gravina told the Italian magazine Riparte l’Italia.

“We have worked with determination to ensure that Italy gets back on its feet as a country, including football, which is an important sector of work involving around 100,000 employees and generating revenue for the state.

Spadafora reported that Series A is scheduled for Thursday’s crunch talks on the resumption of the season, with June 13 and June 20 being the two dates currently being considered for the season to begin.

A statement on the club’s website said: “The team group’s new round of testing showed Covid-19 a case of alleged positivity concerning a member of staff. That is because we can only avoid the sales loss by going back to the pitch which will otherwise be more than €700 m in the short term. We have already lost more than €500 m because of COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.”


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