The Champions League 1/8 final match against Chelsea was summed up by Atletico head coach Diego Simeone (0-1).

“For both teams, the game was really hard work. There were very few opportunities, but Chelsea took advantage of theirs, and the game was very close. We played well in defense and took advantage of the moments of transition,” Simeone told Marca after the match.

“We are going on to the return leg, which, like all the Champions League games, will be difficult. To endure the time the team is going through, we must retain our composure.

We have played against a fast team and we have been able to sustain their pace, but they have Giroud and other good players as well. To be better positioned in the attack, we need to have the ball more often. We’re going to work on that. We have an important game ahead of us against Villarreal. Work and work and labor.”


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