According to Simone Inzaghi, Lazio ‘simply cannot deal with Bayern Munich right now,’ but they are ‘proud of our path in Europe.’

The Aquile knew it was an impossible task after losing the first leg 4-1, and they were defeated 2-1 in Munich this evening, with Marco Parolo grabbing a late consolation.

“After the first leg outcome, we might have faced humiliation here tonight if we didn’t have the right attitude,” Inzaghi said to Sky Sport Italia.

“However, I’d say we had an overall good performance; we leave this competition with honor because we went undefeated in our six group games.

The first leg was disappointing, but I think we did good tonight against the European and World club champions.”

Inzaghi led Lazio back into the Champions League after a 13-year absence and into the Round of 16 after a 20-year absence.

“We are aware that there are teams in the tournament with which we absolutely cannot contend at the moment, and Bayern Munich is one of them.

Our goal was to qualify for the Last 16; we did so undefeated, and we are very proud of the path we took in Europe. It was always going to be challenging against Bayern, and the errors in the first leg just added to the difficulty.

What you learn in these games is a mindset. When Bayern was up 2-1 with four minutes to go, David Alaba crunched into a tackle right behind my bench, demonstrating their tenacity.

Bayern Munich is the peak of what anyone should do at the club level. It would be awesome to get closer to that level, but we must note that Lazio returned to the Champions League after 13 years and made the final 16 after 20, so this was a huge move forward for us.

Now we want to create some continuity and return to this tournament next year.”

Ciro Immobile was resting tonight, and with just Luiz Felipe out, Adam Marusic was used as a makeshift defender, but does Lazio lack depth?\

“These guys have given me too much over the last five years, and we had a streak of six or seven straight Serie A victories before losing key players. We ought to do a great job at covering the holes because we did the same thing when there were players with COVID.

We need to develop in that area because football has changed; we now have to play every three days and need further rotation options.

I would admit, the roster is much larger and bigger now than in previous seasons; it’s just that when we lose players, they all appeared to be in the same region of the team.”


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