Sinisa Mihajlovic has said it was a ‘source of great pride’ since becoming an honorary citizen of Bologna.

Felsinei ‘s coach has helped Bologna sit 11th with two remaining games in Series A and has a great chance to rise to the top half as they face Fiorentina and Torino in their last two games of this season.

It has been a difficult season for the Rossoblu, who originally went through tumultuous times and had to cope with months without their coach.

After a bone marrow transplant accompanied by several chemotherapy courses, Mihajlovic was diagnosed with leukemia on July 11 and was in and out of the hospital.

The Serb, who is already an honorary citizen of Novi Sad, has been honored by the municipality and told the club’s official website: “To become an honorary citizen of Bologna is a great source of pride. This is the second citizenship I am gaining after Novi Sad, so it is a great privilege for me, a Serbian, to become a resident of Italy. Bologna is a city of excellence, a university town, and one of the most beautiful in Italy. I aspire to set a good example at all times and to honor the Bologna brand.”


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