The Red Devils boss appears to see parallels between the Premier League giants and a legendary NBA team that is the subject of a documentary by Netflix.

With football in a state of permanent lockout, professional sportsmen and women have to fill their time away from a competitive environment by doing activities.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has compared Manchester United with the Chicago Bulls team of the 1990s, inspired by Michael Jordan, the subject of a Netflix documentary series at present. Red Devils chief Solskjaer is among those who have watched shows on Netflix, with some series that involves an important NBA side having caught his attention.


‘The Last Dance’ has won plenty of plaudits since it was the first broadcast, with a legendary Bulls side showing the resolve required to become a dominant force. As a 1999 Treble Winner, Solskjaer was part of the community the proposed seeing comparisons between a Jordan-led squad and one that found inspiration to the likes of Roy Keane and David Beckham.

He told Football Focus about his experiences in a difficult moment for those involved after the Covid-19 pandemic: “You don’t delay something.” You ‘re only thinking about a sport, it never stops because if you’re in the office or not, if you’ve been struck by the football bug, you ‘re going to waste time on it all the time.

“I know I’m not separated from everyone else. You watch TV, you watch the show, you have to turn off football. You find Amazon, you are watching The Last Dance by Michael Jordan! “It takes me back to when I was a player with the great squad and Sir Alex. Michael Jordan, immediately believes Roy Keane to be a tyrant.

I see so many similarities with my mates.” “It’s been fun and awesome to watch,” added Solskjaer


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