Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said last Sunday that individual training could begin on May 4 and team training on May 18, only for sports minister Vincenzo Spadafora to say that athletes in individual sports may start training from May 4 and those in team sports have to wait until May 18.

The statement from Spadafora drew criticism and on Saturday, Serie A club Sassuolo said they would allow their players to use their facilities from Monday.

Minister of Sports Vincenzo Spadafora has warned that ‘team training will not begin before May 18,’ but his remarks have created uncertainty.

Initially, Spadafora dismissed the concept of adding team sports to individual ones, suggesting Serie A clubs would have to wait until May 18 before they could reopen their doors. This was accompanied by an apparent change of heart on Monday from the leader and the government granting permission to sides to resume solo workouts.

He wrote this evening in a Facebook post, however: “I’ve seen some odd stuff making the rounds, but little has changed with regard to what I’ve always said about football: Team training will not begin before May 18 and resuming the season is something that hasn’t really been addressed.

“Sorry for now, but I’d rather focus on all the other sports and complexes (gyms, dance centers, swimming pools, etc.) that need to reopen as soon as possible! “Spadafora used the word ‘allenamenti delle squadre,’ which translates literally into ‘squad preparation,’ indicating that teams were not yet able to practice in groups.

Others, on the other hand, interpreted his remarks as a nod against all ways of planning, throwing doubt on the plans for several Series A sides tomorrow.

The suspension of Series A has been carried out since March 9, in line with the current lockdown steps taken by the Italian government to tackle the on-going coronavirus outbreak which has been introduced worldwide.


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