All of the 42 clubs that are present in the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) are thinking about increasing the size of the leagues. Six clubs are set to be introduced in the next three years including the B teams of Celtics and Rangers. Two clubs both from the Highland League as well as the Lowland league will be included. These proposals will include no relegation from the second tier of Scottish football for the next three seasons. this will ensure that the SPFL will have four leagues of 12 SPFL clubs each by 2024/25.

“If you’re thinking about the country and improving the Scottish national team at all levels, then what we want is to give the kids a better chance to develop into better players,” Rangers coach Steven Gerrard said saying it would benefit the national team. “If you can play against men earlier, if you can play for important points and give these kids more responsibility, put them in more pressurized situations with bigger crowds, I think that can only be for the benefit of the country.”

“Obviously I’m sitting here as the Rangers manager and some will think, ‘you’re only saying that because you’re at Rangers and you’re being a bit selfish’,” he added. “I understand those opinions as well but if I try to take myself out of the Rangers environment to answer the question and to think about the Scottish game and the national team, I think this is a big plus for Steve Clarke and any future national manager.”

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