Due to the time Jurgen Klopp spent at Anfield, Jose Mourinho says it is difficult to equate Tottenham and Liverpool.

During his five years in charge on Merseyside, the German-led Liverpool to the Champions League and Premier League.

Ahead of their clash at Anfield on Wednesday, both teams are seated atop the Premier League table.

Klopp said Tuesday that Spurs had been turned into a ‘result machine’ by Mourinho, but the Portuguese disagree.

“I’m the same guy, nothing has changed, it’s just perception,” he said.

Jurgen says that since we lost one in the Premier League and we lost one in the Europa League if you look at our results this season, our results are very positive.

But I think it’s too early, and it takes a few months for a cycle of good results and of course, a results machine is far more than that. A result machine is what has been Liverpool for the past couple of years, a result machine was what was my Chelsea in the two consecutive titles we won.

We’re a good team that works hard, but I’d say Liverpool is the culmination of 1,894 days of work with Jurgen if I’m not wrong. 1,894-I’m wrong for a few days if I’m wrong.

We are the result of 390 days of work, but these 390 days are fake, since many of those days were not even days of work, but days of quarantine, days of being unable to work at home.

So, from nearly 2,000 to 300. For us to be able to succeed at the level we do, I can only give the players credit and be very very pleased with what they do.


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