Aberdeen boss Stephen Glass has called for more clarity on the new coronavirus rules in Scottish football. On Friday, the clubs were informed that all passengers on a train or plane will need to be quarantined for 10 days if any person tests positive for the Omicron variant. National clinical director Jason Leitch caused a stir when he announced that irrespective of vaccination status, 10 days isolation would be necessary in case of a household contact.

“I am sure about what we have been told but unsure because we have heard other things,” Aberdeen boss Stephen Glass said. “We have time before our next game so it is nothing we won’t be able to handle. We will get clarity pretty soon, I would hope. We changed our plans for this game. More staff drove, some players brought their cars and we took an extra bus too. We came in three-team buses just to make sure.”

“The club has been extra diligent throughout and will continue to do that whatever the rules are, but there has to be real clarity with the rules,” he added. “I am going on second-hand information but we were told that he (Leitch) was on the radio saying that (all players don’t have to isolate if there is a positive test) after the club were told the opposite on Friday. When these rules come in, there needs to be some clarity and I think there will be so I think we are jumping ahead blaming people for coming out with things like that.”

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