Steven Gerrard revealed that Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos will decide his own future before hinting that a new deal could be in place. The Colombian was close to leaving Rangers when an agreement was reached with Lille before the deal collapsed. The club has been in talks with the striker’s agent since then with a deal close to being agreed. Morelos has two years currently left on his contract with the striker also having interest from Porto. Morelos has scored 99 goals in his 198 appearances for the club since joining HJK Helsinki in 2017.

“I think that’s Alfredo’s decision and his representation’s decision, we seem pretty close, there’s been a lot of noise from the outside about Alfredo in the three and a bit years I’ve been here, none of that noise has come from anyone here at Rangers.” Steven Gerrard said about the Alfredo Morelos contract situation. “I think Alfredo will make his decisions, I think he made it clear where he wants to be long term but the reality is he’s got to perform at a level here for people to show interest in him.”

“For me, we like working with him, we like the player, he scores goals. I said last week I still think he can get at a better level in a personal point of view and the goals will come,” he added. “But in terms of decisions and where he will be in the long term it will be down to him and his representation rather than us because we’ve always shown that we want to keep the player, the fans have shown they want to keep the player so all the noise around Alfredo comes from him and his people rather than us.”

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