Former Man United attacker Teddy Sheringham believes the lack of leadership is the sole reason behind the various problems at the club. Man United was beaten 4-1 by their neighbors Man City which included one of the worst second-half performances in the Premier League this season. Sherringham won three Premier League titles during his spell at Man United under Sir Alex Ferguson.

“I have seen both sides of the story,” former Man United forward Teddy Sheringham said. “I have played in a very dominant Manchester United side where it is demanded that you are 100 percent committed to the cause and everyone is rowing in the same boat together led by a top manager. But I have also been in it where there are fragments in a team, in a club. When you play against a team like Manchester City they find every little hole in your set-up. They work you and they work you again.”

“Everyone is trying hard to stop that but then they come back out and they go for another area, they keep prodding at you. It grinds you down when these teams keep dominating you,” he added. “When you are playing in a team that is focused and all rowing in the same way it is all great. But when you are playing for a manager and you’re thinking, ‘He won’t be here next season. I don’t have to try that hard, he’ll be gone, I’ll work for the next manager.'”

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