The FIGC has begun proceedings against Atalanta after their team manager made a derogatory joke against a Napoli supporter yesterday. Mirco Moioli called a Napoli supporter ‘Terrone,’ which is a derogatory word for a southern Italian.

It came after Atalanta manager Gian Piero Gasperini [pictured] had been approached by the fan as he left the team bus before his side’s match against Juventus, asking if they’d ‘roll over like the last 10 years.’

Now, Tuttosport says the incident came to the attention of the FIGC prosecutor who decided to dig deeper, investigating Moioli who is his club.

The team manager told reporters: “I apologize for this fake fan’s change of phrase I used. I apologize for failing to remain calm in the face of this gentleman ‘s serious and defamatory accusations, who planned the provocation. I am not making excuses for my actions. I recognize I was wrong, even in comparison to Atalanta.”


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