The Bundesliga is expected to be the first European league to return from coronavirus hiatus on Saturday when matches kick-off.

Fans from Borussia Dortmund were advised not to assemble outside Signal Iduna Park as they resumed their season on Saturday against rivals from Schalke.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic the Bundesliga has been suspended since 13 March.

To get back behind closed doors, however, the green light was given, with Dortmund set to host a match that would usually be played in a raucous atmosphere.

Despite the importance and tradition of the fixture, Mayor Ullrich Sierau of the city has called on supporters to resist the temptation to travel to the stadium and avoid acts that threaten further virus outbreaks.

The mayor of Dortmund asks fans not to gather for Schalke derby outside the stadium

In appealing for fans to stay at home, Sierau said: “Football fans must protect themselves and everyone else, and not gather in groups to watch the derby. They are not permitted, and should not go to the stadium.

“There is still a ban on contact in the city center. In these times, the solidarity of football fans with each other and the team should be demonstrated by respecting the restrictions, remaining cautious, and not leaving the field to the virus, otherwise, they or others may never again be able to watch a derby. There shouldn’t be a goal celebration as we usually know it in the restaurant and outdoor areas. You should keep your distance-even though it ‘s hard. We would like to stay at home in a cozy, family environment and look forward to an exciting derby!”

The mayor of Dortmund asks fans not to gather for Schalke derby outside the stadium

There must be the ‘zero’-not just in terms of Schalke’s game outcome on the pitch but also with the latest infections.

Police president Gregor Lange added that on Saturday, the football fans have the chance to show that the decision to restart the game was not a mistake.

So let’s not make the Police and other authorities to regret the decision. Lets Stay Home. Let us Stay Safe.


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