Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp dismissed Manchester City ‘s talk of next season and said his side remains concentrated on the term. Jurgen Klopp dismissed any talk of putting the focus on next season as Premier League Liverpool champions try to bounce back from the loss to Manchester City as they face Aston Villa.

The Reds will welcome Villa to Anfield on Sunday, having dropped in their first game since Pep Guardiola’s men were determined to a 4-0 thrashing at the hands of City. Sterling then said “the season started today” for City, who can still complete a treble by adding the FA Cup and Champions League to their EFL Cup triumph.

Klopp dismissed those remarks, however, maintaining that both Liverpool and City are firmly concentrated on this season, though there are no trophies left on his side to play for.

The Reds boss dismissed talk of his team thinking about the 2020-21 campaign

Klopp told in a media conference: “Next season? We ‘re not worrying about next season. We ‘re thinking about this season. The city has a lot to go for, we’ve got a lot to go for. We’ve got six soccer games, we felt like last night’s tough. The appetite and greed of last night, which is why we are where we are. We ‘re not going to stop being like this but at all moments of the game, and especially against City, we ‘re going to have to be 100 percent focused because they’re using all the game’s little moments. That’s why I don’t think about the next six games, Aston Villa alone. I can’t do that differently, I don’t have a big plan, but for Aston Villa, we’ll have a plan.”

Victories against Villa, Burnley, and Chelsea will be witnessing Liverpool passing through the whole league season without dropping a point at Anfield.

When asked about this possibility, Klopp said:

“We have never spoken about it, how long the run is, or whatever. Aston Villa needs to be respected and their situation respected. Aston Villa is of great quality. They are doing well to defend themselves in a compact formation. That’s what I mean, not the records we can break. We have to cut off the formation of Aston Villa, that’s what worries us.

This season is a very special season, unique to us in a positive and challenging way, not just because we’ve had a three-month break in the middle of the season but also because we’ve played six games in the past three weeks. Aston Villa is of great quality, they are doing well in a compact structure to defend themselves. That’s what I mean, not the records we can smash. They have to cut off Aston Villa ‘s formation, that’s what scares us.

This is very difficult for all of us. In this case, we just have to dig deep, that’s also what I like from the game last night. The attitude was brilliant, we fought really, there was passion. In four seconds, we weren’t centering. We need to make sure on Sunday, we don’t have these moments.”


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