A conference on Champions League restructuring was organized by members of UEFA’s member football associations.

The meeting, attended by Aleksander ńĆeferin, president of UEFA, addressed the concept of changing the format of the competition from 32 to 36 teams and of introducing a ‘Swiss system’ for the group stage, with 10 matches in each team.

None of the 55 organizations have come out against the concept. The talks have been very optimistic, according to Sky Sports.

The final decision to change the structure of the Champions League will not take place until April.

UEFA hopes that the new format, to be introduced in 2024, will guarantee more games and income for clubs and will prevent the possibility of a Super League breakaway; plans will see a rise in clubs competing with each team promising at least 10 games against various opponents.

Under the new plans, three clubs are understood to qualify on the basis of their UEFA coefficient, which looks at previous results, meaning that European heavyweights such as Manchester United and Real Madrid may still qualify even though they failed to qualify on the traditional path.

It is believed that the qualification for the last 16 would be altered so that the top eight teams in the 36-team league would join the knockout stage automatically, while the next 16 teams in the table would face off for the remaining eight positions.

Compared to 125 now, there will be 225 matches in the game overall.

A humiliating Copa del Rey last-32 loss by third division side Alcoyano was handed to European giants Real Madrid.


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