Thiago Silva, a PSG player at the exit door, revealed in an Instagram Live by ‘Caras’ that he intends to continue playing in Europe. He ruled Fluminense out as a possible immediate destination, though he strongly thinks of the club.

It is an open secret that Thiago Silva is leaving PSG at the end of the season. It even leaked out by his wife. What’s not yet clear is where he’ll go and the player has provided hints about it himself. He decided to stay in Europe in an Instagram Live and ruled Brazil out.

“Everybody knows how fond I am of Fluminense as they opened the doors for me when I was sick. I will always be grateful for that, but I also have aspirations in Europe. Next week we plan to return to France to restart our lives,” the defender reiterated.

So who is the only European team that was linked to signing him? Everton: Everton. The Brazilian could arrive in the Premier League, at Carlo Ancelotti’s express wish. This will be his first season in the championship and his third major league if he does so.

The English side is not going to have to pay for him. The contract of Thiago Silva ends in June and what Toffees would have to take on his is wages, quite high and a PSG player more so. That story will be resolved in the summer, in any case.


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