MAN City’s Riyad Mahrez had three luxury watches in a £500,000 raid that got stolen. Thieves used his penthouse to take cash, rare football shirts and bracelets. Before breaking into his penthouse, Burglars carefully monitored Riyad Mahrez and stole three watches to order. The £500,000 haul included a prized Richard Mille timepiece similar to the one from England’s Dele Alli that knife thugs snatched two weeks ago.

The gang brought in cash over £ 50,000, Cartier bracelets, and exclusive football shirts priced at £ 150,000.

One source said: “Riyad belongs to an elite group that owns a Mille. They represent the ultimate status symbol for the dressing room. He fears he ‘d been watched in advance. There’s no doubt the order was stolen.”

Thieves snatched the star Riyad Mahrez three luxury watches

Milles cost £1.6million and they are a favorite with the rich and top sports stars. They are famous for their precious stones and made of the same material as space shuttles and F1 cars. Ed Sheeran, Kanye West, and footballer Neymar have various designs. £200,000-a-week midfielder Mahrez, 29, was out when the gang sneaked into his Manchester town center apartment.

After splitting from wife Rita he moved there.

A letter sent to the residents said: “Using a fob which had general access to the building, four apartments were accessed without authority. The fob in question is now in our possession, has been completely deactivated, and can not be used again.”

Mahrez posted pictures of himself wearing the watches on social media.

The 24-year-old Spurs ace Dele was robbed of three watches earlier this month after two raiders broke into his £2million North London home as he played pool with girlfriend Ruby Mae.


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