Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool’s main coach, summarized the results of the 29th round APL match against Chelsea (0:1).

“Everything was determined solely based on individual ability. At the time [с oлом], Mason Mount was… The match was competitive and tense. Both teams put in a lot of effort.

They had a goal ruled out due to offside in the first half. A dangerous counterattack was also present in the second. We had more good moments, like a great Manet performance, as well as times when we were unable to score.

In protection, we didn’t do as well as we should have. We need to approach it differently, taking into consideration a variety of factors. We gave up one goal due to a blunder. The opponent scored from an offside spot otherwise. But you might argue we did a good job defending. You must, however, build more opportunities with this possession. Except for the last run, all was perfect.

Unfortunately, we can’t assume that we just have problems at home. It’s not just Anfield; it’s a widespread problem. We need to be more decisive in our actions and demonstrate our abilities. This does not always work out.

This is a significant setback, but it is not the end. We need to win football games,” Klopp said to Sky Sports.


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