The European Super League has dominated headlines this week and Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has admitted that it was a major distraction for Chelsea as well. He admitted to switching off all forms of social media to keep himself away from any discussions. Chelsea takes on rivals West Ham who are also vying for a Top Four finish.

“We had several talks [with the players] about it between Sunday and Tuesday, honestly, which I don’t know if it helped or if it did not help in the end but I arrived in the stadium in a strange mix of feelings,” Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel said. “I was a bit annoyed, I was a bit angry, I was impatient, I was absolutely not focused like I normally am on match days. “It was a strange mix and I couldn’t really get rid of it during the match and after the match, so my medicine was to turn things off. I did not watch any TV, I did not watch any news, any football, which is very unusual for me.”

He revealed that he was sick of the same discussions and decided to distance himself. He also revealed once he learned that Chelsea was pulling out he wanted to concentrate on the task at hand. It was at this time he decided not to talk about the Super League with the players. Tuesday was also his first encounter with Chelsea as all his games have been played behind closed doors.

“We felt their passion clearly,” he said, reflecting on the hundreds of fans who had gathered around the team coaches. Chelsea fans will be treated to an exciting run-in. They are embroiled in a top-four battle that looks like it will go down right to the wire. A champions League semi-final is also on the horizon against Real Madrid as well as a mouth-watering FA Cup Final against Leicester City.


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