Thomas Tuchel was worried that Chelsea had made it easier for him to sack him by giving him an 18-month deal.

When Frank Lampard succeeded him in January, the German was given only a short-term contract, with the option of an extension.

And before putting pen to paper at Stamford Bridge, he exposed the doubts that went through his head, thinking Chelsea was offering itself a quick way out if his tenure did not hit the ground running.

Tuchel, who was sacked in December by Paris St-Germain, admitted: “I’d say it affects me because it all affects me – but in a very positive way.”

“In the beginning, I was concerned about that. All was finished in 72 hours, so at first, I didn’t like it. It was like,’ Don’t they trust me? What’s that? Eighteen months? ’

It’s not so easy to jump in there, I have to leave this country, leave my family behind. What are they thinking? They are so many points behind the number four spot. But maybe we can’t do it, which is still likely, because it’s still a tough race and then it’s easy to sack me again.

But after a few minutes, it was a matter of minutes, it was like what’s changing anyway?

“I pulled it off my shoulders. If I’m good, if they like what I do, they’ll make me stay that way. If I’m not nice, if I have no results, if they don’t like me, they’re going to sack me anyway.

I may have a five-year deal, and anyway, they’re going to sack me. Why think about it, then? ”

Tuchel said, “Am I sure of myself?” Yeah. Yes. Am I convinced of this squad, of the club, of this league? Well, yeah, and yes. So why care about that number, then?

If I am good and self-confident, and I have stepped out of this loop of thinking from there onwards, and I live a little better, and I don’t worry too much.

This way might be safer. I turned it around and now I feel light and good and the plan is to say we use it better every day because we don’t know how long we’ve been managers at Chelsea.”


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