Thomas Tuchel says that as a defensive mechanism against the violence swirling around football, he has conditioned himself to forget something said or written about him.

Because of technological constraints, the Chelsea boss acknowledged he does not have a social media profile as much as a determination to escape the dark side of online contact.

On Monday evening, Chelsea will host Newcastle, with Toon boss Steve Bruce announcing earlier this week that he had received death threats via the social media pages of his son Alex.

Blues boss Tuchel acknowledged that he did not have similar encounters, mostly due to completely avoiding those channels.

Tuchel said, “I would admit I haven’t experienced anything on social media, maybe because I’m not a social media person, either. To monitor my mobile, I have plenty to do, and this is enough for me by far.

I can go without my mobile for days and don’t miss a thing. But in general, I had to teach myself not to read about myself, I had to train myself, I had to learn and to train myself not to read about myself, not in good times, not in bad times. Because what is out there has an impact on you and you are unable to avoid it, you are unable to let it have an impact on you.

I trained myself, I had to learn and train myself not to read about me, not in good times and not in bad times.”

When it’s out there, and everyone’s talking a lot about you, it causes something in you, and if they’re talking poorly about you, of course, then that also sticks to you.

“And they should not. Since the goal is to be self-confident in the best way and to be self-aware of external individuals and not in need of admiration. And for me, this is also a sort of mechanism to defend myself.

I’m not, as I said, a social media person. So I’m more or less the person who notices the last thing on social media if anything is going on.

The harassment is completely unacceptable, it’s 100% clear, there’s no other opinion in the club, and not from me, of course.”


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