Watford has announced that in the last two days three people at the club have tested positive for coronavirus.

The Premier League announced on Tuesday that six positive Covid-19 results have returned from a total of 748 tests administered on Sunday and Monday to players and club staff.

The positive test came from three different clubs that confirmed the league. One of the positive tests was of Burnley’s assistant manager Ian Woan. Ian Woan lately told that the club is asymptomatic and is safe and well at home at present.

On Tuesday night, Watford announced that one player and two staff members have tested positive and will continue a period of self-isolation.


In a Statement, The Watford Football Club confirms that three people have been tested negative for the Covid-19 virus over the past 48 hours after checking at the training ground.

Of these three positive results, one is a player and two are team members. All three have asked that medical confidentiality be preserved and so the club will not name those involved.

All three must now self-isolate for seven days-in keeping with the procedures set out in the guidelines of the Premier League-before being re-tested at a later date.

Strict adherence to the protocols of the Premier League has ensured that the training ground remains virus-free and a secure place for players to continue working. The club will continue to liaise closely with affected staff and no further announcements will be made.

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak the Premier League has been suspended since March, with the league still eyeing a return to play in June.

When the German top-flight returned to play behind closed doors, the Bundesliga became the first major European league to restart their season this weekend.


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