Toni Duggan has revealed on her social media that she will be leaving Atletico Madrid to return to the Women’s Super League next season. She joined Spanish football with Barcelona in 2017 before joining Atletico Madrid two years after.

“After four really enjoyable years, it’s time to say goodbye to Spain.” Toni Duggan wrote on social media after leaving Atletico Madrid. “I’ve had the honor of playing for two incredible clubs, helped them to create history, and won trophies. Most importantly, I’ve met so many special people and creating memories on and off the pitch that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I wish Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, and women’s football in Spain the best of luck in the future.”

Duggan revealed earlier that she would see out her contract at Atletico Madrid before moving back to England. She said that moving back to England was because she wanted a route back into the England squad as well as to be closer to her family.

“My contract with Atletico is up in the summer, I think people are aware of that and, after a difficult year with the coronavirus pandemic and the world-changing, I want to be back with family and also to get back in the England side – for me personally that was the biggest difficulty this year,” she added. “I think if I’m in the WSL, back in England, and in front of the new manager’s eyes, that is my motivation – to get back in the England team, come back to England, and hopefully people can remember me.”

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