Tottenham manager Antonio Conte revealed that he is more committed to the club after talks with Daniel Levy. Conte cast doubt over his future following their defeat against Burnley in a post-match interview. The loss against Burnley was their fourth loss in five games. He said that the club will need to assess him and his long-term future.

“I spoke with Daniel. I don’t like that someone tries to create a problem between me and the club because this is not the truth. Believe me, this is not the truth,” Tottenham manager Antonio Conte said. “Our chairman Daniel Levy knows very well that I am here to help the club in every moment and I will help the club until the end. This is the reality and he knows this. He knows that we are working very hard and he has great consideration about my job, about the job of my staff. We speak.”

“I want to help the club in every aspect with my vision and my idea, and my ideas about football for improvement. I repeat, there is no problem,” he added. “He shows me great consideration every day and for this reason, I’m much more committed for this club because I know the consideration of the club about myself is very, very high. The club is very happy with my work and what I am doing with my staff. I am sure the club appreciates what we are doing. The problem is, I am a perfectionist. When I lose I don’t stay so happy, this has helped me have success in my career.”

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