The North London Derby will be the first for the Tottenham new signing Emerson Royal. In terms of Premier League match-ups, the intensity of the North London Derby cannot be matched. This fixture is the highest in which both teams have scored in the Premier League. The fixture also has the most fouls and yellow cards when compared to any other fixture. Emerson has been a part of the Andalusian derby but the North London Derby is a step up in terms of everything. Tottenham has not beaten Arsenal at the Emirates in more than a decade.

“My time at Ponte Preta and Atletico Mineiro was very important in my development.” Tottenham defender Emerson Royal said. “I was never actually played once in Ponte Preta’s derby against Guarani which was a shame but I remember my debut for Atletico Mineiro was in fact in the Clássico Mineiro against Cruzeiro. Thankfully we won the game 1-0 and it was a unique feeling, in the same way, that facing Arsenal as a Tottenham player will be for me on Sunday. You might finish your career having played a million games but these are the games that stick in your mind.”

“These are the best games. These are the types of games you really want to play in. I was fortunate enough to play in several Andalusian derbies between Real Betis and Sevilla and you look forward to them all week.” he added. “You know how much they mean to the supporters and how passionate they are to win them. Rivalry is an integral part of the sport and is what I love most about football. It’s the best part of the job.”

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