The Fire Brigade were called to the Tottenham Hotspur stadium after a fire broke out. Approximately 300 people were evacuated from the stadium safely with no injuries reported. The London Fire Brigade released a statement assuring people that the fire was doused without much damage after everyone was evacuated from the nine storey building. They also mentioned that no injuries took place during the episode. Two fire trucks were seen at the stadium and the source of the fire was understood to be in a small kitchen.

“Firefighters were called to a fire at a football stadium on High Road in Tottenham this morning (Wednesday),” a statement read. “An air compressor was damaged by the fire. The Brigade was called at 10:01 am and the fire was under control by 10:59 am.”

“Following a number of inaccurate and sensationalist reports, we can confirm that Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is operational as normal after a small fire, caused by an air compressor, broke out in one of the kitchens this morning (Thursday, September 2).” Tottenham Football club said in a statement after the Fire Brigade left the premises. “The fire was contained to a very small area and quickly put out with a fire extinguisher by the first person on the scene. The building was briefly evacuated as per standard safety procedures following the triggering of the fire alarm system, while a London Fire Brigade crew attended the stadium and carried out a safety inspection before departing the scene.”

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