Serge Aurier allegedly violated lockout rules for the third time at Tottenham right back.

Aurier, 27, shared a picture with a barber on Instagram, the day after the first team of Tottenham returned to small-group training under strict rules of social distance.

Tottenham said: “We are reviewing the circumstances, and will deal properly with the incident.”

The full-back of the Ivory Coast released a statement on Instagram, saying he and the hairdresser checked COVID-19 negatively.

Previously, Aurier was captured on social media twice when he shared separately running videos with Spurs midfielder Moussa Sissoko and a friend.

Many of the Tottenham players and staff were in the headlines to break lockdown laws after the Premier League suspension. Players like Davinson Sanchez and Ryan Sessegnon were running together, while Jose Mourinho was seen putting Tanguy Ndombele through his paces in a London park.

Premier League teams unanimously agreed to go back to the small-group training on Tuesday as players and club staff from 19 clubs were tested for COVID-19 on Sunday and Monday, and six out of 748 tests returned positive. 40 Tests on players and club staff are to be held twice a week.

Next week is a crucial week for the Premier League’s ‘Project Restart’ program, as clubs are expected to meet on Monday (May 25) to discuss a return to full-contact practices, and then again on Thursday (May 28) to vote on whether or not to restart the season.

Phase One of the return to training procedure is now well underway, ensuring that players and staff must stick strictly to the principles of social distance inside and outside the training grounds. If they don’t, otherwise the entire ‘Project Restart’ program will break apart as more positive results are identified and people are forced to separate themselves seven days at a time.


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