Real Madrid can complete the David Alaba signing ceremony. The six-time winner of the Austrian Footballer of the Year Award will soon sign his contract and, for the 2021-22 season, become a real player. Alaba, who is currently working for Bayern Munich, will join Los Blancos as a free agent. At the beginning of January, we announced that Real was in pole position to land Alaba.

Liverpool, like PSG, made a substantial bid in December, but both clubs were unsuccessful. As for Barcelona, because of their current economic condition, they have been unable to bid as they await a new president.

Bayern Munich attempted to propose a new contract extension three times, but eventually, the dream of Alaba was to suit up in Real Madrid’s all-white kit and play in Spain.

Real swooped in with a bid of EUR 12 million per season (after taxes) by 2025. The pre-contract was put in effect in early January and will be formally signed in the next few weeks.

Until becoming the latest Real player next season, Alaba will finish the season at Bayern Munich. This option is not specifically related to the situation of the contract between Sergio Ramos and Real, which Real continues to negotiate for renewal, but has so far fallen short of an agreement.

In his position, both on the left side of the defense and at the center back, the Austrian defender was one of the most dominant players. Since debuting in the 2009-2010 season, he has made 226 Bundesliga starts for Bayern. The 23 goals and 22 assists he has collected over the last decade are even more impressive because of his position as an ever-present defender. That works out to a goal or assist over his Bundesliga career once every five and a half matches, not too shabby for a player whose primary job is to shut down the opposition.

Over that era, he made three mistakes in total that Opta data collectors define as leading to a shot, and two that they define as leading to a goal. By contrast, Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid’s talismanic central defender, made two mistakes that led to a goal only last season.

With at least nine Bundesliga and two UEFA Champions League trophies, Alaba will leave Bayern, including last season under manager Hansi Flick, when the Bavarians fought off PSG to win the sixth UCL trophy in the history of the club.


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