It was probably a couple of months after Neymar transferred to PSG where his status was decided, but since then it seems like he has been constantly at the center of transfer speculation.

The return to Barcelona has always been a huge rumor and it would make a lot of sense because once Lionel Messi moves on, he’s more than good enough to become the talisman.

The main challenge was still finding a way to fund the deal, but Spain’s latest reports say that Neymar is desperate to make the return happen.

They claim that he has decided to leave PSG to destroy any hope of signing a new deal, though it is also suspected that he wants to return to Barca, so this is part of his plan to do that.

It’s still difficult to see a scenario where, at this stage, Barcelona can afford to pay the transfer fee and the wages of the Brazilian, so it will probably result in a lot of speculation in the next few weeks about swap deals.

Ousmane Dembele, Coutinho, and Antoine Griezmann are all logical candidates for a swap, but if they lose Neymar, they will not constitute an improvement for PSG.


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