Trent Alexander-Arnold has confirmed that he plans to spend his entire career playing as a one-club guy in Liverpool, with the Anfield Academy alum pursuing “14 more chances” for Premier League title glory with the Reds.

He told MR PORTER: “I want every prize and as much of it as I can. I recall Alex Inglethorpe breaking it down into a thought process I have never stopped thinking about since. It began when I was about eighteen that he asked me when do you retire? That’s 17 years, maybe at 34 or 35.’ So, you have just 17 attempts to win the Premier League, 17 attempts to win the Champions League, or some other cup. As much as you think it’s a long time, the fact is that you’re only going to get 17 tries and failure that’s normal is going to happen and that’s going to reduce that number.”

Alexander-Arnold commented on his ambition: “I have been completely in the senior team for three seasons. The first try has resulted in the Champions League’s final defeat. The second, by one point, we lost the title but were European champions. This season we are on the verge of winning the Premier League. Yeah, I just think I’ve got 14 more chances.”

“And while you can play hundreds of tournaments, the fact is you’re only going to get a handful of attempts at silverware. I just pour it all into every season and focus on the here and now.”


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