New Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel insisted that he was happy with his side’s 0-0 draw with Wolves on Wednesday, stating that under his watch it was a real sign of things to come.

The game, which came just 24 hours after Tuchel’s team’s first training session, saw Chelsea dominate possession and set records for both single-half and full-game passing statistics this season. Clear-cut odds, however, stayed at a premium and it was Wolves who possibly had the best chance of winning the fight.

It was not always the most encouraging performance, but Tuchel was determined to see the positive ones and could not hide his delight in Chelsea’s energy and dedication.

“Yes [disappointed not to win], it was deserved for the effort the guys put in. It was deserved for the effort the guys put in. But I talked in the dressing room, reminding everyone that there was no room for doubt or disappointment.

I was pleased with the energy-wise results. We were coordinated and allowed no risky counter-attacks against one of the most dangerous teams. We were very well-organized, courageous, played both offensively and defensively with courage as a team.

We had a good influence from the bench and the players who didn’t come on had a really good attitude. It was hard work, but we’ve never lost intensity and I’m glad about that. If this is our point of departure, I look forward to where we end up.”


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