Pep Guardiola, the head coach of Manchester City, has spoken out on the reasons behind the daily team turnover, criticizing governing bodies for the unnecessarily busy schedule.

“The players are not robots, but rather human beings. I realize some of them are disappointed because they want to play every day, but it’s hard. If you don’t rotate the team, you can’t compete in any competition, and you won’t be in our current position,” the coach told Sky Sports.

“Of course, the players will play; they have an excellent mentality; however, they need rest. It’s too much for UEFA and FIFA to kill the players. We haven’t had a midweek break since the beginning of the season, not once.”

“There is no player who can withstand it not only physically, but also psychologically. It’s not possible. When I rotate the squad [and win], I am a genius; congratulations, Pep. When we fail after a rotation, people ask, Why? You should have released the players in the normal manner. Except it is incoherent.”


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