UEFA has opened disciplinary action against Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus for their participation in the canceled European Super League. The three clubs were the only ones from the initial 12 breakaway clubs to not renounce the sport and reaffirm their allegiance to UEFA.

‘Following an inquiry by UEFA ethics and disciplinary investigators into the so-called ‘Super League’ scheme, disciplinary proceedings have been launched against Real Madrid CF, FC Barcelona, and Juventus FC. Disciplinary proceedings were for an alleged breach of UEFA’s legal structure,’ according to a UEFA release.

Two weeks ago, the European governing body launched a disciplinary inquiry into the three clubs.

The Premier League’s ‘Big Six,’ Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspur, as well as AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Atletico Madrid pledged to current national and foreign competitions, facing heavy fines and exclusion if they renewed their participation in the breakaway project. They decided to make a joint goodwill donation of €15 million. Joint goodwill was made to support children’s and youth football in Europe. They have decided to withhold 5% of UEFA competition profits for one season, with the funds being redistributed.

Real, Barcelona, and Juventus, on the other hand, not only did not follow their lead but instead released a joint statement endorsing the upcoming competition and its legal status.

The three clubs could face sanctions as a result of UEFA’s decision. Some sources claims they could be banned from UEFA competitions including the Champions League for two years.


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